Prints and Wall Art

If you're looking for small to medium-sized format mediums of my photography, traditional prints are a great option. They're affordable yet still look great. If you're looking to for a larger format and don't want to deal with framing then please look at the Wall Art options. Both Aluminum Wall Art and Wrapped Canvas Wall Art mediums are shipped ready to hang, no framing or other hardware required. No matter what you choose, all mediums are verified carefully before shipping and packaged with care. Additionally, all mediums are digitally hand signed by Owen on the lower right hand corner of the front of the image. Please note that some photographs are created in different aspect ratios. The standard aspect ratio is 2x3 units. There are also images in both the wide 1x2 and the panoramic 1x3 aspect ratio formats. When adding an image to the cart for purchase the size and price options will become available. Shipping options and prices are displayed when images are placed in the cart. Please inquire  if you have any questions.

Traditional Prints

Traditional Prints are printed on high-quality luster paper with a professional level 8 tank Canon printer using the best inks. Each print is checked and verified individually for perfection and are mounted on acid-free mat board ready for framing.

Standard Ratio  
Size Cost
5x7 Inches $15
8x12 inches $30
12x18 inches $50

Wrapped Canvas Wall Art 

Wrapped Canvas Wall Art is a photo printed on heavy-duty canvas sheet which is then professionally stretched around a 1.25 inch frame. With a solid back and pre-installed hinged hanging hardware. The canvas print is UV coated protecting against fading and scratching. Each Canvas has a depth of 1.25 inch with a mirrored image of the photograph on the outside edge border. Wrapped canvas wall art gives a unique painterly look to the photographs emphasizing texture over fine hyper-sharp detail. 

Standard Ratio     Wide Ratio     Panoramic Ratio  
Size Cost   Size Cost   Size Cost
16x24 inches $150   10x20 inches $125   12x36 inches $200
20x30 inches $200   24x48 inches $350   16x48 inches $275
24x36 inches  $300   30x60 inches $650   20x60 inches $450
32x48 inches  $450             
40x60 inches  $750            

Aluminum Wall Art

Aluminum Wall Art offers the most unique, vivid, and durable medium available to display photographs. This innovative and revolutionary process actually infuses the photograph into a sheet of aluminum, yielding a rich piece of art that can easily be hung or upraised without a frame for a sleek and contemporary look. The color pop and the detail is tack sharp. All aluminum wall art includes mounting hardware in the form of a 3/4 inch wood wall float mount.

Standard Ratio     Wide Ratio     Panoramic Ratio  
Size Cost   Size Cost   Size Cost
16x24 inches $250   10x20 inches $200   12x36 inches $350 
20x30 inches  $375    20x40 inches  $450    20x60 inches  $900 
24x36 inches  $515             
40x60 inches  $1350