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Away From the Camera

My name is Owen and I enjoy taking chocolate candy from small children. Now that’s out of the way let me tell you some things that are true about myself. I grew up wanting to be a filmmaker. Following that dream in my early twenties I bought one of the first DSLR cameras with the ability to shoot video. It was through that camera that I quickly discovered a passion for photography, a passion that grew into my career today.

I’ve always been one to sprinkle a little humor on everything in life, but I take the privilege of my work life balance that I’ve created seriously. When it’s time to work my focus is one hundred percent on the job at hand. The hard work ethic isn’t difficult to maintain because I always carve out time for my personal life. When my camera is on the shelf I enjoy being active through soccer, adventure activities, playing board games, learning about new things, and spending time with those I love.

For the record; I do have an obsession with chocolate, but always buy it. I let the kids keep their own candy. Dentists need work just as much as photographers after all.

Behind the Camera

My photographic style consists of creating clean composition frames that use high contrast to make a subject come alive. I believe simple compositions provide a strong canvas to create a photograph on. Once the canvas is set the tools of quality lighting and precise timing are used to tell the story. Through hard work over the years, I’ve learned to shoot with both natural and artificial off-camera light with confidence. I often mix the two light sources depending on a given project’s need. Most importantly I focus on my clients’ needs. Working with people, including those not in front of the lens, is something I take pride in. A beautiful image isn’t worth much if it’s doesn’t fulfill the needs of my client.

It often surprises people when they hear that I’m color deficient (commonly referred to as color blindness). Fortunately, I can see color, I just have difficulty differentiating and identifying certain colors, such as purples and blues, earth tones, pinks and grays, among others. Equally as fortunate is that through a combination of technology and collaborating with others I’m able to create images that look good to everyone’s eyes, not just my own. If you hadn’t read this you’d probably never have guessed I’m color deficient by my body of work. My hope in sharing is to offer potential inspiration, as much as demonstrate that not everything comes easy.

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