Help Fire Victims this Holiday Season

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Many of you might know that I'm originally from Northern California, specifically a special town called Chico. By now I'm sure all of you now know of the devastating Camp Fire that started in Butte County on Thursday the 8th. The town of Paradise is destroyed among other rural neighboring areas displacing thousands of people, most of who lost everything they had. Currently Chico's sky is black with apocalyptic smoke and the fire threatens on the town’s southeastern boarder. Things are far from comfortable.

I, like many others, have been tracking the situation closely every day. With thousands of people effected and over 100,000 acres burnt so far the fire is only 30% contained. It brings me continual sadness every time I look at news updates about the situation. The pictures, videos, stories of so many people, many of which I know personally (my parents and many close friends still live in Chico), are heart breaking.

Only being able to imagine what people who lost everything are going through I feel I have to help. I've personally donated to The Red Cross but there many other great charities and organizations excepting donations and volunteers. I encourage everyone to help in what way they can and strongly consider donating money to one of the links below. I also suggest reading this article covering the value of cash donations during crisis events such as this one. Please take a moment to look at it if you intend to donate anything. It speaks to the importance of efficient donating in the form of cash, not basic goods or food.

This time of year is also holiday season, not a time I ever thought fires would be such a threat, but the world is different now. This is the season where I typically advertise for the holidays and put on a sale. In that way this year is no different. I’m having a sale of 20% off all wrapped canvas and metal prints. What is different this year is half of my profits from print sales for the remainder of the year will go to help aid the Camp Fire crisis*. At the risk of coming off as opportunistic I would like to say that I first and foremost encourage everyone to donate directly to their charity of choice, not to buy a print from me as a way to to “feel good”. Again, please donate directly before buying a print. However, I do want to further help those in need beyond what my personal financials will allow. Donating a large part of my profits from the busiest season of the year is the best way I can do this. The impact on the victims of the fire will last far beyond the news coverage of the event. If you see this and you think then need is past, please check, it most likely isn’t.

The photo featured above is of Honey Run Covered Bridge. I took this photograph in 2015 while living in Chico. This historic icon in Butte Creek Canyon is now gone, taken by fire after 132 years of being part of the local history. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a family member or friend effected by the Camp Fire this print might do a small part in filling the vast void the fire has made. You can find this photograph in the "Outdoors" gallery.

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20% off all Wall Art purchases and donate 50% of profits to charity*


*Half of all profits from this sale will go to Caring Choices effective through December 31st, 2018